What is shared office space?

A shared office space provides a single working environment for more than one tenant. Shared office spaces may be used by a group of businesses or by individuals, such as owner-operator businesses or freelance workers. Shared offices are used by a variety of clients, from start-up to established businesses and organisations of all sizes. They are often used when a business or organisation is starting up or in a transitional period before committing to a longer-term or permanent office solution, which can incur significant overhead costs and investment. At the same time, shared offices might be used as a long-term office solution for some businesses or organisations.

There are a range of benefits to opting for a shared office space. Rather than invest in a new or temporary office, a shared office offers low overhead costs and a quick workspace solution. Shared offices typically include office furnishings, internet and telephone services, printing facilities, meeting spaces and kitchens. Depending on the type of package selected and individual operators, a shared office space might include a workstation or cubicle or an office. Spaces might be assigned or may be communal where clients use any available workstation. Shared offices may also feature a range of other supports such as mail, cleaning, maintenance and reception services. Shared offices also provide a great deal of security with secure offices. They also provide a convenient workspace away from the home.

Shared office spaces are typically available with a short-term lease. This provides clients the flexibility to choose a space that suits their needs at any given time. If more or less space is needed, it is often easy to renegotiate terms and select a package that best meets individual business requirements. Lease agreements for shared offices also provide sufficient flexibility to move into a permanent or temporary office space once a shared office space is no longer appropriate.

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