What is virtual office space?

Virtual offices allow businesses as well as owner-operators and freelance workers to do business and work from any location. A virtual office provides a number of convenient services and amenities that are essential for doing business without having a dedicated office space. Unlike shared offices, a virtual office does not include office space although, at the same time, certain virtual office providers may offer the ability to use office spaces for a pay-per-use fee.

Virtual offices are an affordable alternative to buying or renting a physical office. This makes them popular among businesses with few employees or a mobile workforce, as well as owner-operator businesses and freelancers. Clients of virtual offices typically have the ability to use a physical address for correspondence and other business purposes. This allows them to separate their business from their home life with a dedicated address. Virtual office clients are often able to select an address in a city of their own choice or a prestigious address without the high cost of renting or buying space.

A virtual office can be accessed from home or any other location, as long as the user has access to a computer or mobile device. The service generally includes a number of common communication services, including a phone answering service, teleconferencing, videoconferencing and voicemail. Virtual office clients may also have access to a remote assistant or receptionist. Clients also can use a mailing address where correspondence is processed and forwarded. Certain virtual offices may also include shared meeting spaces and a casual workspace, such as a co-working or shared office solution. Virtual office providers may also offer website design services and business card printing as part of their service.

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