What are the basic office technology requirements?

The type of technology needed in an office will depend on the nature of a business. While a graphic design company may need advanced design software, an accounting firm may not need the same technology. Generally, offices need computing devices, phones and internet access.

A computing device is an essential tool in any office. Most work undertaken in an office is on a computer. Not only do computers allow employees to access the internet, they are needed to use any applications that are needed to get work completed. Applications might include word processing, design and accounting software. Mobile devices might also be needed to help employees do work on the go, especially if a workforce is mobile and is required to travel regularly. Devices such as smartphones and tablets should be equipped with mobile apps and other applications that would be needed to do work, as well as access to email.

Internet access is essential for doing business and it is a driving force behind the modern economy. From trading and business transactions to remote meetings and research, web-access is an important service when working in any office. In addition to reliable and fast internet access from a trusted service provider, offices should have email access for all employees. Instant messaging and videoconferencing will also be possible with internet conference, allowing companies to do business with clients and customers regardless of their location. Certain businesses may also want to establish an intranet system for an office, which ensures files are secured and internal information is only shared with employees.

A telephone remains an essential tool for any office. Phones are quick and easy ways to contact clients, customers and other stakeholders. Voicemail is also essential and some offices may opt for a centralised system that is provided by a telephone service operator. VoIP services are affordable alternatives to linking phones with office computers, allowing employees to access internet-based conferencing and calling tools. In addition to telephones, conferencing equipment to support teleconferencing should also be considered for boardrooms or other meeting spaces.

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