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Welcome to this exceptional standalone office, a distinguished space that exemplifies sophistication and productivity. With a private entrance and refurbished interior, this office is an embodiment of innovation and creative energy. Magnificent windows welcome the outside world, blending seamlessly with professional ambitions. Enjoy the comfort of a personal kitchenette, a manifestation of culinary inspiration nourishing both mind and body. The convenience of a private bathroom is a testament to the attention to detail at this remarkable office. With various amenities and exceptional common spaces, this office offers an ideal floor with break-out areas to enhance the experience.

The centre is located in Newcastle, and offers a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, making it an ideal location for an office. The presence of green spaces, parks, and woodlands can provide a refreshing and rejuvenating backdrop for work. Having an office in such an environment can create a more pleasant workspace, fostering employee well-being and creativity. The location allows efficient access to all parts of the city, both by public and private transport. The location allows visitors to take full advantage of nearby retail, service, gastronomic, cultural, and hotel offers.

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