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28 Clever Ways to Organise Your Desk for Maximum Efficiency

A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind, right? Not necessarily. You can be just as productive with a messy desk as you can be with a clean one – as long as you’re organised! Whilst TikTok, Instagram, and interior influencers like Marie Kondo might tell you that less is more, many office workers simply can’t afford to be minimalists when it comes to their workstations. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 28 clever desk organisation ideas for maximum efficiency. Whether you’re looking to fully optimise your workspace or just want some new ideas, we’ve got you covered! So let’s get started!

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UK Businesses Embracing the 4 Day Work Week

calendar outlining a 4 day work week

The 4 day work week has been a hotly debated concept in recent years, particularly in response to ongoing discussions surrounding employee experience and work-life balance. JLL’s 2022 Workforce Preferences Barometer, which delves deep into the desires of post-pandemic office workers, highlights a prominent gap between the flexibility currently being offered by employers and demand from employees. Currently, 56% of employees express a desire for a 4 day work week option, whereas it’s only provided under 29% of companies’ Employee Value Propositions (EVPs). 

This 27% gap between workforce expectation and market supply clearly illustrates the need for more businesses to consider leaving the five-day working week behind, or at least attempting to do so through a considered trial period. With various studies highlighting the benefits to business productivity, retention, and overall employee life satisfaction that such a shift can provide, it’s no surprise to see a groundswell of support.

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Rising Demand in the UK Flexible Office Space Market

empty chair in front of a desk with a half-opened laptop on itThe events of 2020 caused substantial disruption to the commercial real estate sector. The office space market in particular was heavily impacted by lockdowns and other pandemic-related restrictions, still struggling to get back to pre-pandemic occupancy levels more than two years on.

Prior to the pandemic, non-traditional working models had already gained some prominence. Having now emerged on the other side into a ‘new world of work’, the adoption of flexible workspaces has accelerated interest in both hybrid and remote working models. An ever-increasing number of businesses are now finding themselves entering the flexible workspace market, increasing uptake in tandem with society-wide changes towards remote working, heightened mobility, and the overhauling of workspace design.

Although demand and activity levels for traditional offices are still lagging behind pre-pandemic expectations, opportunities for growth are emerging in other parts of the office space industry. In this article, we discuss the increasing demand for flexible office solutions seen across the UK, and the impact of this trend on wider CRE and labour markets.

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