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The Step-by-Step Ultimate Office Move Checklist for 2022

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There’s no doubt about it, the way that we work has forever been altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The previously traditional workspaces that we had all taken for granted must now be adapted to accommodate this new paradigm, as seen through the introduction of social distancing requirements and brand new working schedules. Just as we dared to dream that the end was in sight and normality could return, the Omicron variant and others like it have once again thrust the world into disarray, forcing us to question whether or not things will ever be the same again.

The repeated uncertainty associated with the pandemic has created dramatic moments in the commercial property sector, as businesses struggle to ascertain best practices that can allow employees to remain safe and happy whilst also maintaining productivity. Some businesses have opted for a hybrid working model, offering employees greater flexibility over when, how and where they work. Many employees, when provided the option, have opted for remote working schedules, something which has allowed certain businesses to downsize or sublease their office spaces in a bid to reduce overhead costs. Some organisations that can’t offer remote working, whether that be due to the nature of their businesses or their unique industry, are now looking for larger spaces to adhere to guidelines and safeguard employees.

Whatever the reason for your move to a new office location, if you’re preparing to relocate to a serviced office or coworking facility, an organised and planned approach will minimise disruptions. Here are a few things to consider when moving to a new office space…

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