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15 of the Best Business Parks in the UK

Core Benefits of Business Parks

As businesses across the UK continue striving to entice and retain top talent in the post-pandemic era, business parks have become an increasingly attractive solution. Buoyed by well-maintained and managed working environments, shifting operations to a business park is a sure-fire way for a company to set their employees up for success. 

The benefit of having all of your business’ needs met in one location is something that has become invaluable. You can confidently rely on business parks always offering marketing leading perks, amenities, business services, and flexible payment plans. These locations are highly invested in future-proofing their assets and building or maintaining a status as an attractive workplace for businesses of all shapes and sizes. When considering leasing office space, companies across the UK should pay particular attention to the business parks available around them.

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Hybrid & Flight to Quality – Changing the UK Office Landscape

Numerous key factors have dramatically impacted the UK office space landscape in recent years. Changing employee demands and ever-evolving communications technologies have resulted in a world of work that is much more diversified, decentralised, and agile than seen in years prior.

The adoption of hybrid working practices and the flight to quality seen within the UK office space market stand as two such factors that have undoubtedly altered the landscape across multiple industries. This article will explore these two concepts and provide a general explanation of the way in which these two concepts have changed the market, whilst also providing insight on potential future events.

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UK Regional Office Market Report 2022

How is the UK’s Regional Office Market Performing in 2022? 

After two years of uncertainty and upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK regional office market has regained footing in the new, changed working world. Each regional locale is experiencing different conditions, with some faring better than others, making it essential to be aware of key regional variations.

In this article, we assess the overall performance of the regional office market in recent times, whilst also looking into the factors that have defined this market throughout 2022. We’ve generated our insights from the latest data out of market leading sources, such as CBRE, Savills, Avison Young, and Cushman Wakefield.

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