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Newcastle Offices at Cobalt Park

Offices at Cobalt Park Cobalt Park is a large-scale office park and the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom. Preparation for this project began in 1996 and construction work started 2 years later. The project was completed in 2002 thanks to the joint effort of local developer Highbridge Properties, engineering firm Cundall, and Ryder Architecture. This office development is located in a strategic location within easy reach of major roads like the A1 and A19, and was created with a focus on flexibility, so that space available would be able to accommodate future expansion. Cobalt Park was built … Read More

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Luton Offices at Butterfield Business Park

Office Space in Luton at Butterfield Business Park Butterfield Business Park is an office development built in 2007 and developed in the Butterfield Green area of Luton. The park has a total area of 90 acres total and commercial space amounts to 250,000 square feet. The park was created to boost the local economy, capitalising on Luton’s strategic location near an international airport and major distribution and logistics hubs, as well as to offer business owners high-quality and bespoke commercial real estate. The park was developed by Henry Boot Developers and its current agents are Cushman & Wakefield and Lambert … Read More

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Wembley Office Space at East Lane Business Park

Office Space at East Lane Business Park East Lane Business Park is a commercial real estate development located in Wembley, London. The site has been developed to a total size of 36 acres and consists of multi-purpose industrial, warehousing, and storage units. Nearby amenities include supermarkets, petrol stations (the nearest one being only a couple minutes’ drive away on East Lane), bakeries, and restaurants. Along Preston Road there are medical centres and pharmacies, but the largest commercial area within close proximity of the park is in Wembley Central, which is 1.5 miles to the south of this business park. Commercial … Read More

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The Enterprise Economy: The UK’s Best Cities for Business (Infographic)

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, you’ll undoubtedly have a huge number of strategic decisions to deal with. Should you hire staff yet? What’s your marketing strategy and how are you going to get your product out there? How can you make sure your business continues to prosper for years to come? Another decision that could matter more than you think is choosing the best location for your business. Although London offices might seem like the go-to choice for tech and digital businesses, research has shown only 50% of high growth startups survive after 3 years in the capital. With this … Read More

Birmingham Business Park

Birmingham Business Park is a 17-acre development located within easy reach of Birmingham International Airport and 12 miles east of the city centre. This site is owned by Canmoor Asset Management and Black Rock and is currently the place of employment of over 7,000 people. Office space at Birmingham Business Park features a mix of conventional and flexible space arrangements, and is split over 300 buildings, although this figure is likely to increase in the future, as additional office developments eventually come to completion. All in all, there are 2.4 million square feet with planning consent at the park, and … Read More

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Quorum Business Park

Quorum Business Park is a large commercial property development located 4.5 miles north of Newcastle city centre. The park has been built on what was the North Tyneside Enterprise Zone until 2006. The site itself contains over 1 million square feet of commercial space (suitable for both office and retail), and is surrounded by nearly 50 acres of parklands. At the time of writing, there were 16 office buildings at the park, 7 of which were fully let. The remaining buildings offer office accommodation ranging from 500 to 104,000 square feet. Moreover, building Q16 offers office space on a per-desk … Read More

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Top Five TED Talks For Business Entrepreneurs

Success is the ultimate aspiration of business owners and entrepreneurs. But what exactly does it take to succeed in today’s competitive business environment? While there is no single recipe for success, the TED talks listed below can help you position yourself on the right track. 1. How To Get Your Ideas To Spread (by Seth Godin) Seth Godin’s entrepreneurial credentials are strongly established, as he is widely acknowledged as a marketing guru. Godin is qualified to speak on the relationship between entrepreneurship and marketing, and in this talk he challenges conventional wisdom by affirming that it is not always the best ideas that are successful, but rather the most widely spread ones. He suggests that mass marketing … Read More

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Creative Workspaces In Birmingham

With a combined GVA of nearly £700 million, there is no doubt that the creative sector is one of Birmingham’s economic pillars. In only six years, the local creative industry has gone from employing 20,000 people to providing more than 34,000 jobs, and the number of creative businesses in the city has grown from 3,400 in 2010 to nearly 6,000 in 2016. Such a booming industry needs suitable space, which is readily available at some of the top creative workspaces listed below. 1. The Old Print Works The Old Print Works is located in a heritage building just a short drive away from … Read More

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The Cost of Renting Office Space In Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a thriving economy whose diversity and scope for growth attracts FTSE 100 companies and other large firms mainly in banking, insurance, finance, media, and technology. Since all these are office-based industry sectors, the demand for office space in the city is robust, and in fact Edinburgh is one of the six most important commercial property markets outside London. But how does demand affect office rental values in this Scottish city? Read on to find out. Trends Affecting Office Rental Prices In Edinburgh The TMT sector has recently become the most important forces driving the growth of the local office market. During the first three months of 2017, this sector accounted for nearly 33 per cent of … Read More

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How Large Corporations Are Changing The Way They Think About Flexible Workspaces

Until very recently, the concept of flexible workspace was perceived as a niche sector of the commercial property market that mainly catered to freelancers, remote workers, and small start-ups. However, this understanding of flexible workspace seems no longer accurate in view of recent trends that show how this type of office space is becoming increasingly attractive to large corporations. In a relatively short period of time, we have witnessed how blue-chip corporations like HSBC, KPGM, and Microsoft have acquired flexible workspace in London and incorporated it into an important part of their corporate culture. Since 2012, more than 4.5 million … Read More

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